General Introduction of Beijing ComputingCenter

    Beijing computing center was established in 1973. It is ascientific research institution approved by Beijing Municipal PlanningCommission and Beijing Science and Education Group. In 1978, the United NationsDevelopment Bureau provided technical assistance to the Center more than onethousand dollars, both sides jointly established the "Beijinginternational economic cooperation information and training center ", andintroduce large-scale computers. It is the first international cooperation in thisfield. In 1984, Computing Center belonged to Beijing Science and TechnologyResearch Institute. In 2000, the Computing Center changed to state ownedenterprises and devoted into the application of computing technology researchand services.

    As one of the first batch of computing centers in China,Beijing Computing Center is regarded as the most influential and professionalorganization of computer application services, its service objects involvemultiple fields such as government, industrial, commercial, education,transportation, social affairs, in which brings together many high degree andinter discipline talents. Beijing Computing Center has made an importantcontribution to the popularization, application and development of computertechnology in China, especially in Beijing. Now we has accomplished hundreds ofresearch projects entrusted by relevant departments of the state and Beijingmunicipal government and service projects oriented to various users, won over30 national and provincial awards for achievement successively and possessed anumber of international and domestic advanced technologies.

    Beijing Computing Center began to focus onhigh-performance computing and cloud computing from 2009. In 2010, theestablishment of the "the industrial cloud" services platform clearedthe direction for high performance computing, cloud computing technology andthe "cloud" business model. ″The industrial cloud″became one of the tenkey demonstration projects in Beijing "Xiang Yun plan". Industrialcloud is oriented to industrial enterprises, especially SMEs in themanufacturing, by providing public service platform for product innovation. Itprovides users with a new kind of IT services via the Internet and covers avariety of software for computer-assisted products′R&D.The industrial cloud platform integrated the internal and external expertresources, whereby provided industrial design, simulation, digital modeling,rendering, training and the extension of the online service. Industrial cloudplatform has been initially built with a capacity of 200 trillion calculations.In November 2010, "the industrial cloud" passed the ISO27001information security management system certification. In May 2011, the BeijingMunicipal Science and Technology Commission identified "cloud computingkey technologies and applications Key Laboratory" as one of Beijing KeyLaboratories.

    In 2012, according to the trends of cloud computingservices, Beijing Computing Center made greater efforts to the platformconstruction and market promotion around the engineering calculations andproject consulting, CAE customization services, scientific computing,rendering, 3D scanning and rapid prototyping, virtual simulation, enterpriseinformatization construction consulting, biocomputing services and otherspecific business fields, and has been provided appropriate computing servicessuccessfully for more than 200 enterprises, research institutes and alsobuilded a strategic partnership with other well-known enterprises at home andabroad.

    Beijing Computing Center takes the promotion ofcomputing services based on public computing platform as its mission, andcontributes capital socioeconomic development and construction of the industry,fosters a new economic growth point of capital socioeconomic development, andpromotes the development of independent innovation for traditional industriesand emerging industries, then also services independent innovation and nationaldevelopment strategy!

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