Consulting about Informatization

        Consulting and training department focus on providing industry information integration consulting services (i.e., CAD, CAE, CAM, PLM) and informatization implementation work for industrial manufacturing, industrial machinery and equipment, automotive and transportation, aviation and other industries.

        According to years of experience, we explore the integration solutions called "enterprise diagnosis + consulting services + project implementation + talent training". Through Consultants, we form a joint project team with enterprise, aftet diagnosis analysis together, we work out problems-oriented solutions with high operability, during the diagnosis, consulting, plan implementation process, and we organize follow up training throughout the project to improve actual problem-solved ability of design management personnel and to ensure the enterprise informationization implementation.

Service Features

rich consulting background

1. Having informatization (CAD, CAE, CAM, and PDM) consulting solutions

2. Accumulated rich knowledge base from many enterprises and institutions consulting services cases

3. Owning Super computer room which has more than 200 teraflops computing power

4. Having resources from many both domestic and foreign key industries and well-known enterprises¡¯ practice case

5. With rich domestic and foreign famous software vendors cooperation experience


The most advanced experience center

        Training experience center for students to prepare a series of the implementation of the system software platform, to meet people online teaching and practice. The platform structures, based on the central computing platform directly, can simulate different synchronization office design link, at the same time due to the central computing platform stability and ultra high speed calculation ability, make students experience in advance to the information fast and convenient; And can meet the requirements of enterprise high speed computing for a super performance simulation. Students in the classroom training to use legitimate versions of its software, experience the function of strong and fast.

        Experience center has: nearly one thousand sets of high performance computing server. Total of 10000 nuclear, nuclear multiple cpus can parallel computing, computing capacity more than 200 teraflops, cluster environment is mainly composed of IBM, dawn, lenovo server composition and so on, USES the high density, high reliability, high performance, low power consumption structure of the system; Deployment with Solid Edge CAD software, Pro/E, AutoCAD, CAE software ANSYS Fluent software, STARCCM +, ABAQUS, HYPERWORKS, Femap + NX, Nastran, ls-dyna, SIMULATION, etc., X PLM software Teamcenter, Insight, XT, etc.

Successful Case

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