Training for Enterprise Customers

        Online training institute called "learning cloud¡± platform, customized for the enterprise, was launched by consulting training dept. The core philosophy is to provide a "one-stop" information management platform for enterprise.¡£

        Platform broke the traditional education boundary, integrates the teaching, management, learning, entertainment and communication as a whole, introduced a new concept of education informatization.

Service Features

1. Customized students' clearance paths including advanced, recruit project, from the soldier to the general training module, and other projects;

2. We adopt the most advanced cloud computing architectures, to provide the underlying service for platform, to provide customers the best quality;

3. Curriculum system design in accordance with the progressive catechesis: from simple to complex, from easy to difficult, and from rough to subtle; Student can master what he was learning better, faster and easier when started from a base level;

4. The ¡°learning cloud¡± platform provides not only a learning platform, but also a training management platform. In this platform, you can customize training courses according to the enterprise¡¯ own development demand, and you can control the learning process, adjust flexibly almost in real time.

5. The ¡°learning cloud¡± platform has a complete set of advanced blueprint suitable for staffs on different posts from new to successful manager. The enterprise can have a better understanding of employees¡¯ ability, also let employees know what skills needed and how to reach it through the courses.

6. "Learning solutions package" is suitable for management trainee to staff from almost every post, such as professional managers, covers a complete set of every necessary contents for different positions in enterprises, let employees know what skills needed instead of following suit blindly.

7. Customers can customize their own enterprise ¡°learning cloud¡± platforms according to its characteristics, in which personalization categories are independent primary login domain name (domain name binding), independent login page, customized Logo for the institude of online learning.

Successful Case

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