Consulting about Informatization Introduction


        Consulting and training department focus on providing industry information integration consulting services (i.e., CAD, CAE, CAM, PLM) and informatization implementation work for industrial manufacturing, industrial machinery and equipment, automotive and transportation, aviation and other industries.

        According to years of experience, we explore the integration solutions called "enterprise diagnosis + consulting services + project implementation + talent training". Through Consultants, w...

Training for Enterprise Customers Introduction


        Online training institute called "learning cloud¡± platform, customized for the enterprise, was launched by consulting training dept. The core philosophy is to provide a "one-stop" information management platform for enterprise.¡£

        Platform broke the traditional education boundary, integrates the teaching, management, learning, entertainment and communication as a whole, introduced a new concept of education informatization.

Training of Informatization in Industry Introduction


        Enterprise staff capacity development is fundamental guarantee to consolidate the core competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, we set up the training team, aimed at starting from the actual situation of enterprises, through enhancing the skill levels of technical personnel to promote the company's sustainable growth. Courses according to the CAD, CAE, CAM, PDM information integration content, provide training for small and medium-sized enterprises, skills upgrading, familiar with information technology development trend and follow closely the ...

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