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Cloud computing as a new application mode, will have significant effect on many industries, because of cloud computing with innovation mode and various senior technical problems, people always find it is difficult to see its beauty. Cloud platform business will help enterprises find its way in the cloud. It provide below cloud computing services.

I¡¢For gain an understanding of the enterprise, through the following problems, to establish a cloud computing infrastructure planning for reference, and tailored for the enterprise cloud computing architecture£º

1. Which is suitable to migrate the present application into Cloud computing among enterprises;
2. If it is enough that the current business infrastructure migrates into the Cloud£¿ 
3. How to guarantee the benefit maximization of enterprise migration£¿ 
4. What is the risk and opportunity in the migration process to Cloud computing£¿ 
5. Through the implementation of Cloud computing migration, whether it could achieve cost reduce quickly£¿ 
6. How to begin the first step on the process of Cloud computing migration£¿ 
7. What kind of cloud computing architecture has the best cost performance for enterprise£¿

II¡¢SaaS App. development and consulting service.

1. The underlying IaaS platform interface specification, and real example. 
2. Cloud storage using standard and example. 
3. Upon present Cloud security policy, how to implement and ensure that the tenant on Cloud computing platform are isolated and safe. 
4. Network service by virtual realization mechanism and application examples. 
5. Implementation of load balancing mechanism, interface and examples, 
6. Cloud computing platform life cycle management and realization of audit functions and examples. 
7. Accounting mechanism implementation and example.

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