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As the important part of ¡°cloud computing service for industry¡±, inCloud hosting service platform ( has integrated 3 core elements of internet application: computing, storing and networking, which provides IaaS support for ¡°cloud computing service for industry¡±, and commonly used internet base installation service¡ªcloud hosting for industry and other customers. InCloud hosting is the IT base installation capacity rent service integrated with computing, storing and networking, which can supply cloud-computing-based cloud hosting rent service as needed or paid.

InCloud hosting has applied the most advanced virtualization technology to integrate IT resources for cloud users to safely and reliably apply the rent for immediate use and flexibly expand base installation service. Users can apply for the inCloud hosting and bandwidth quickly through the powerful web control platform of inCloud hosting and perform flexible on-line adjustment as practically required. InCloud hosting is featured with flexible payment for rent, which makes you realize to use and pay as required, at the same time, to lower your deployment and cost of operation and maintenance extremely.

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Base installation
1. Reliable and flexible: InCloud hosting service relies on ZFS system (also called enterprise-level document management system), which is one of the best systems to ensure the integrity and consistency.

2. Performance and scale: Due to full advantage of disc I/O and network I/O, SmartMachine can speed up computing, the CPU resources can be expanded 4 times as much as usual all at once, and the reading speed of data-caching mechanism is over 15 times as fast as the cloud hosting with other technology.

3. Visualization for system operation: InCloud hosting has provided the first visual tool with detailed real time delay ever since before, which can not only be applied to analyze the delay factor when operating, but also measure the delayed time as accurate as millisecond.

4. Security: Cloud computing can operate in the special technology for Solaris¡ªa container, which seems to create a powerful bulwark for the image of SmartMachine so as to avoid internal attack and operate application software safely within multi-tenant environment.

Node.js SmartMachine

InCloud SmartMachine can help you to deploy dynamic Node.js application software quickly. To deploy real time intensive data application needs low delay and high expansibility, etc, and Node.js SmatrMachine specified for cloud computing is the perfect solution to meet this requirement. Once purchased, Node.js SmartMachine for cloud computing can be operated for application immediately.

1. Location positioning, individualized settings and dynamic data application are supported in fields of moving application, game, SNS (social networking services), and E-business.

2. JS development environment provided, and applications can be added to a end-to-end network that extends from the front end through back to the server.

3. Non-blocking I/O model supports thousands of concurrent connections and expands to millions of users.

4. Preloaded Node.js is available, with integrated SSH to access extra software package needed for installation.

5. Unrestricted networked socket is contained, with distinct Internet Protocol Address supplied for individual equipment.


Incloud CentOS is a Linux-kernel-based operating system which originally comes from RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). CentOS for cloud computing is deployed on KVM of Joyent.


Ubuntu is an operating system based on Debian Linux and Ubuntu for cloud computing is set up on KVM of Joyent.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Support Windows Server R2 2008 Standard(simply Chinese and English versions)

Service Features

High efficiency with excellent performance

InCloud hosting can ensure that the users will have an excellent experience in access with advanced cloud computing technological framework and high-end hardware cluster located in green energy saving computing room with multiline connected. 

Cost saving for more benefits

Is your application software beyond the capacity of basic installation? InCloud service can help enterprises to transfer its capital to operating cost, especially at the critical moment. Compared with the investment for traditional main processor, the capital for inCloud service will decrease to 30% to 80% with capital for hardware purchasing in earlier time.

Non-stop with flexible expansion 

InCloud hosting has been featured with the peculiar technology for ¡°flow bursting¡±, supporting the unexpected real expansiveness for bursting flow with computing resource flexibly adjusted. The server configuration can be operated as required with non-stop to meet various demands from users in application.

No worrying about maintenance  

For IT department of any enterprises, they do not need to worry about continuous upgrading of the server and other computing issues, so they can devote themselves more into creations because the maintenance will be performed within inCloud hosting.

More convenient for online management

InCloud hosting owns complete admin authorities and it only takes few minutes for the inCloud server to operate from creating to starting. Your super admin authority makes you deploy various internet applications easily, at the same time you can conduct operations like stopping, starting, restarting, resetting and password changing, etc on inCloud server by means of web admin.

24-hour after-sale service

24-hour service in a week after sale is available, with deployment, backups and data recovery more conveniently realized. The data and service are more reliable and safer, which can save 20% to 70% cost in operation and maintenance for you. 

No more worrying about the version

InCloud hosting supports various authorized mainstream operating systems, which ensures that you have a smooth, safe, and reliable environment for computing and storing.

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