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Cloud Platform Introduction


As the important part of ¡°cloud computing service for industry¡±, inCloud hosting service platform ( has integrated 3 core elements of internet application: computing, storing and networking, which provides IaaS support for ¡°cloud computing service for industry¡±, and commonly used internet base installation service¡ªcloud hosting for industry and other customers. InCloud hosting is the IT base installation capacity rent service integrated with computing, storing and networking, which can supply cloud-co...

Consulting about Cloud Platform Introduction


Cloud computing as a new application mode, will have significant effect on many industries, because of cloud computing with innovation mode and various senior technical problems, people always find it is difficult to see its beauty. Cloud platform business will help enterprises find its way in the cloud. It provide below cloud computing services.

I¡¢For gain an understanding of the enterprise, through the following problems, to establish a cloud computing infrastructure planning for reference, and tailored for the enterprise cloud computing architecture£º

1. Which ...

Renting Virtual Resource Introduction


Along with the increasing of the application data, complexity increases and the demand of resources is more and more high, cloud application high elastic and large capacity demand, the traditional IDC environment cannot satisfy all requirements.

In order to meet the user¡¯s requirements on variety of applications in cloud computing environment for testing, the Cloud Platform Department provide cloud computing testing platform, mainly includes the following content£º

1. Meeting the needs of large-scale cloud hosting deployment and elastic calculation
2. Support...

High Performance Computing Introduction


       Beijing Computing Center specially built 200 teraflops computing platform, cluster environment mainly compose by Dawn, Lenovo, IBM server, with high density, high reliability, high availability, low power architecture design. Mainly provide highly efficient and stable computing service on chemical sciences, material sciences, physical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, life sciences, molecular biology, basic medicine, chemical engineering, environmental science and other discipline.

       At present Beij...

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