Digital Service

• Providing solutions for virtual assembly, virtual manufacture, virtual restoration and etc.
• Providing solutions for 3D laser scanning and 3D modeling.
• Providing solutions for the restoration and repair of ancient buildings.
• Providing high accuracy 3D print service, including modeling and other services.

Equipment and Resources
Service Content

A¡¢3D scanning and data processing
¢ÙApplication in the ancient building and outstanding historical buildings¡¯ protection.
Accurate archive of current situation data of ancient buildings and historical buildings to cooperate the four haves work of cultural relics.
2D drawings of current situation provide accurate and complete data for ancient building, net building repair, restoration, off-site reconstruction.
The point cloud generated video, high precision virtual reality show, and later research on ancient architecture, history and architectural complexes.

¢ÚApplication in the city and the archaeological work in the field.
Collecting the original 3 d data of archaeological site rapidly, completely and accurately;
Processing data such as cross section, contour lines, each section contour and the orthogonal projection fast and accurate;
Shorten the excavation period and providing full and accurate field data for later relocated, recovery, research by cooperating with capital construction;
The original data can be video, virtual reality, and other forms to display to the public.

¢ÛApplication in the manufacturing and the large equipment
Obtain the accurate and original 3D data of present situation;
According to the need, evaluate the deformation and safety in the important position;
Obtain accurate 3D model or 2D drawings used for equipment design and production;
Carried out Virtual installation on the large equipment, avoiding unnecessary loss by targeting formulate installation plan.

¢ÜApplication in the energy field and chemical industry
Access to complete and accurate data of equipment and site;
Providing complete and accurate scene 3D model for management and design personnel;
Running safety inspection for important equipment and pipeline;
Comparing the construction and design;
Draw PI&D, and other professional layout drawings of equipment.

¢ÝApplication in profile, the complex building and engineering construction;
For complex, special-shaped construction is complete, accurate status data;
Providing accurate data for casting production and curtain wall design via comparing construction quality through the professional software;
Combined with BIM technology in the construction of comparison and review, calculation of quantities, etc and provide status data support for further construction.

B¡¢Sophisticated 3 d scanning and data processing
¢ÙEducation/multimedia: facial/body static scan for represent the real people, the special effects used in facial replacement (special). Digitalize real inanimate objects/environment can achieve the most realistic effect, digitalize small model can be generated complete decoration. 

¢ÚProtection of cultural relics/museum: art representation for multimedia presentations, virtual museum (web site, the scene), digital archives and make copies for commercial and marketing purposes (miniature statue imitation), damage assessment and restoration of cultural relics (reverse engineering/based on relics repair), virtual restoration, a 3 d copy of historic sites/archaeological, fossil scanning, as well as the analysis, the reorganization of the scan and reconstruction for the fossil. 

¢ÛIndustrial design: reverse engineering (according to the existing color body design), according to the narrow color decoration design, colour or an annotation clay model, shape and color check of parts, technical documentation (assembly, maintenance and repair documents), 3 d cooperation.

C¡¢Rapid prototyping:
It can effectively degrade mould cost by using 3 d printers print model

D¡¢Virtual simulation system design


Digital city
        Using remote sensing, global positioning system (GPS), geographic information systems, telemetry, simulation and virtual technology, such as the city multi-resolution, multi-scale, much time and many kinds of 3 d description, breakthrough time and space constraints, the city's past, present and future all the content in the network or digitize virtual display on the screen. 


Real estate demonstration
        With the improving of the real estate industry service level, customers' consumption more rational consciousness, traditional plan, performance, sand table, such as example room has far cannot satisfy the consumer's perception of unknown products, 3 d digital display implemented 3 d building model, can let the customer to product have a more comprehensive understanding and experience, improve the potential customers for the future products of perceptual and rational knowledge, to grasp the market success.


Monuments restoration
        For non-renewable ancient cultural heritage, the repair protect method is diverse, and selecting the best scheme is particularly important. We use the non-contact measurement technology, 3 d imaging technology, simulating 3 d building model of cultural relic images by on-the-spot photography, data acquisition, 3 d animation synthesis. Then display the ancient city of planning layout dynamically and immersively using 3 d digital display system.


The simulation training
        Colleges and universities can produce all kinds of virtual scene combined with teaching requirements and content, students will have more opportunities to watch the teaching demo in a closer way and in all sides. And that will help understanding and grasping. Other than traditional books and ordinary multimedia teaching, students are studying in a novel virtual environment, to greatly improve the enthusiasm and interest in learning. And education is no longer the same.

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