Cluster Rendering

        Superiority of cluster rendering can run large-scale rendering tasks both at high speed and in a short period of time. Professional rendering software, powerful rendering hardware configuration and a huge number of processors and memory could satisfy the customers¡¯ demands of high quality and high speed rendering.

Equipment and Resources

Hardware devices

Ò»¡¢Machine configuration
CPU: Two Intel Xeon E5650, each 2.6G, Intel hyper-threading, a total of 24 nuclear
ECC memory: 24G ECC memory
The Shared disk array: 40T Raid5

¶þ¡¢The network configuration
1¡¢telecom, netcom, double line access to the Internet, FTP upload download exclusive 100M bandwidth
2¡¢Intranet for speed 20G of InfiniBand card
3¡¢huawei symantec hardware firewall

Èý¡¢Computer room environment
1¡¢Equipped with APC uninterruptible power supply which could instantly switch to UPS power supply when power failure happens
2¡¢Equipped with professional diesel generator set, power outages can start automatically in one minute, built-in diesel can maintain 48 hours to produce electricity
3¡¢Equipped with professional computer room air conditioning which could precision control room temperature and humidity


Software resource

Service Content

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