Construction of Database

        As the laboratories could produce amount of data with different data types, how to effectively manage and use data is coming the major problems for experiment management people. The Department of Computational Biology can help customers to carry out public database data mining services, as well as collection and integration of complex biomedical data, then establish corresponding databases system for management and use. Our department provides the data as a whole solution for hospital system, biological enterprise and University Institute.

Service Process

        Biomedical database construction is one of the most characteristics developing process, customers need to be anticipated in determining the scheme and provide the specific requirements and achieve goals, objectives, including interface design, data classification and function realization. In fact, the database is based on a construction site database updated dynamically, to achieve powerful display functions; it needs analysis and depth of relational data mining technology.

       Database construction has important significance for researchers and laboratory, not only can achieve the data management and effective use, but also can realize the sharing of data and display the results.

Service Advantages

1. rich, secure data storage capacity and a professional maintenance team, to ensure that the management of customer data of long-term, stable, effective.

2. Professional technical team provides support for the establishment of the database.

Successful Case

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