Analysis of Personalized Data Introduction


Personalized data analysis using biological computing is the key point to make a significance use of the customer data. At the moment the calculation and analysis services included a variety of genomics based on high-throughput sequencing, transcriptome study and related research data analysis, according to the different data types and experiment, provide personalized solutions. Main target are biological enterprises need using high-throughput sequencing technologies, university research institute and hospital system, provide specialization, standardization and high quality data analysis ...

Construction of Database Introduction


        As the laboratories could produce amount of data with different data types, how to effectively manage and use data is coming the major problems for experiment management people. The Department of Computational Biology can help customers to carry out public database data mining services, as well as collection and integration of complex biomedical data, then establish corresponding databases system for management and use. Our department provides the data as a whole solution for hospital system, biological enterprise and University Institute.

Cloud computing in Computational Biology Introduction


        Cloud computing is an emerging business models based on Internet. Customers can take advantage of the cloud computing resources fully to call different personalized data analysis when their computing resources is insufficient. The Department of biology of cloud computing platform for high-throughput sequencing of different data types, the deployment of 17 modules, such as batch gene sequence BLAST, Transcriptome analysis, through the cloud, customers can self-help personalized data analysis. Research on the biological enterprise, high-throughput ...

Training of Bioinformatics Introduction


        The department of Beijing Computing Center Computational Biology has training courses include: "Genomics and Bioinformatics¡± workshop, "Genomics Workbench workshop", " Graph processing practical skills required by publishing articles¡± workshop, "Biomedical data management and analysis of information project" workshop and " Selection and use of biological software" workshop.¡£

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