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Through CAE technology, to provide engineering and technical consulting services on small and medium enterprises in the area of rigidity and stiffness, external flow calculation, combustion heating, fluid-solid coupling, structure optimization, sound insulation, drop impact, fatigue endurance and other aspects.



Integrated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) and electronic (electromagnetic, electric machinery, signal processing) software, providing system level of CAE project advisory services in oil field of chemical industry.

Main content:

Submarine pipeline, including pipe bending forming, buckling, crushing, and expansion displacement of buried pipe stability, the stability of the pipeline excavation simulation calculation and optimized design.
Pressure vessels: mainly provide takeover, spherical tank, heat exchanger, tower, hydrogenation reactor, such as on optimization of structural optimization calculation and fatigue durability of the equipment. Especially good at storage tank sloshing on fluid-structure interaction, thermal coupling of solid and solid heat flow field coupling field coupling simulation problems.
Multiphase flow calculation, chemical reaction and combustion: mainly provide fluidized bed, fractionator, packed bed simulation calculation; Combustion pollutants clean-up equipment optimization, the burner flame shape and temperature control optimization analysis.



For a wide variety of transportation equipment, combining with calculation and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) and electronic (electromagnetic, electric machinery, signal processing) software, mainly for structure optimization design, and locomotive pneumatic performance optimization calculation, acoustic noise reduction, the fatigue durability simulation services, is committed to the transportation equipment as a whole and the parts of lightweight, energy saving and noise, improve the passenger comfort of transportation equipment.

Main content:

Car: car parts structure strength, axle system structure optimization design, car crash simulation (head-on collision, side collision, collision, and bias touch), the occupant restraint systems, airbag optimization design, the vehicle harshness (NVH) calculation, and muffler noise solid coupling calculation.
Shipping: strength of overall and parts of the ship's structure optimization calculation, the stability of ship following waves, wet modal extraction, calculation of underwater explosion.
Railway locomotive, automobile body parts: walking body part of the strength stiffness calculation, stability analysis, curve through sexual analysis.
Railroad track: rail fatigue damage, crack extension process calculation, seamless track buckling performance calculation, wheel/rail contact, wheel/rail dynamics calculations.


Water conservancy and electric power

In view of the water conservancy electric power equipment in power system, channel, DAMS and other related facilities provide seismic structure, optimization, and equipment retrofit scheme simulation analysis.

Main content:

Drainage buildings: drainage flow cavitation character building and shape optimization, numerical simulation of the flow induced vibration of large and medium-sized hydropower project gate vibration calculation, the dynamic water gate closed, wheel pressure door leaf structure optimization calculation.
Hydroelectric facilities aseismic calculation: gravity dam, arch dam and other hydraulic structures anti-seismic calculation, large hydropower stations and pump factory structure aseismatic calculation.
Design of hydropower station and the surrounding waterways: hydropower station and the surrounding channel optimization calculation of reservoir sedimentation process simulation.
Combustion and electric power production equipment of coal-fired power stations: the structural strength, the optimization calculation of the vibration noise and vibration, fatigue and thermal stress simulation of welding components, piping system, fittings, container, and the optimization of reactor pressure vessel and calculation and turbine efficiency and reliability of the optimization calculation.


Civil construction

Main content:

In geotechnical engineering, slope stability, the springback of deep foundation pit, settlement of composite pile and geotechnical structures reinforcement simulation, the rock seepage simulation.
Engineering seismic: earthwork building aseismic calculation, building a bridge seismic performance evaluation and optimization calculation.
Fire and smoke spread, the flue gas diffusion process, the isolating device isolation effect, the optimal sensor, fan, pump and other fire prevention facilities layout optimization.
Hvac equipment design: the central air conditioning scheme, air duct layout optimization calculation, air-conditioning noise reduction scheme optimization.


Medical and Public Health

Main content£º

Cardiovascular stents: coil, heart valves, and implantable cardiac equipment optimization calculation, and endovascular stent stent expansion process of structure optimization design.
Medical devices: to provide operation table, medical equipment such as dental chair structure optimization, hearing AIDS, sound field simulation.



Main content:

Metallurgy process, casting process of spreading system optimization design, molten steel flow and heat transfer process calculation, hearth melting outer lining thermal fatigue durability, optimization, embedded type inlet nozzle structure optimization calculation, the blast furnace for fuel combustion simulation.
Mining: combustion and propagation process of mine fire in the simulation of the ventilation system optimization calculation, the mining technology and ore dressing equipment structure strength, fatigue durability of optimization.


Mechanical electrical and mechanical

Main content:

Machining: wire drawing, welding, and stamping forming simulation of calculation and optimization design.
Mechanical and electrical equipment: mainly provide transmission, pump, valve and other hydraulic machinery static/dynamic, fluid dynamics, fatigue, vibration simulation consulting services and the optimization of design, to provide mechanical and electrical equipment within multiphase fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, thermal fluid-solid coupling and consulting service of fluid-solid heat coupling simulation.



Main content:

Geared to the needs of textile apparel industry, mainly provide resistance calculation, sportswear and helmet sneakers statics, dynamics analysis of CAE service.


Safety protection

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For security protection industry, mainly provide explosion-proof, bulletproof equipment collision, penetration and blasting simulation CAE service.


going green

Main content£º

Dust prevention: dust preventing equipment fluid dynamics calculation, structural strength simulation, dust suppression preventing performance calculation, optimization of layout design, etc.



Main content£º

Electric cabinet, various forms of heat dissipation devices such as electronic chassis of fluid-solid coupling heat transfer analysis, the structure of radiator, performance optimization design.


Home Accessory

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Washing machines, air purifier, electric heater and other home appliances in the flow field, static/dynamic, vibration, fatigue analysis, multiphase fluid dynamics, coupled heat transfer components and structure optimization design, etc. Through the dynamic rigidity of the CAE technology for small and medium-sized enterprises provide strength, flow field calculation, combustion heat, fluid-structure interaction, structure optimization, acoustic noise reduction, the falling impact, fatigue, etc. Engineering and technical consulting services.

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