Engineering Computing

Adhere to the "professional, safe and efficient" service concept, and 200 teraflops industrial cloud services platform as the foundation, using ABAQUS, LS-DYNA, ANSYS, fluent, NX NASTRAN, PROE, simulationX, Femap and other professional engineering calculation software, using the " computational resources DIY configuration " mode. Beijing Computing Center provides personalized high performance computing service for industrial enterprises.


ó˝. Hardware and software resources

1. Hardware resources

Beijing Industrial Cloud Platform mainly has calculation servers such as x7550 and X5690. The specific calculation serversí» types are as follows. The major servers are Intel Xeon x5690.

Network configuration: About Network Configuration, Beijing Industrial cloud platform is equipped with telecommunications (100M), China Unicom (50M), education (ipv6 1G, ipv4 100M) and other network resources at the same time to meet the needs of network resource when taking high performance computing.


2. Software resources

Finite element software such as Abaqus, Ansys, and Fluent are deployed on the Beijing Industrial Cloud Platform. Their specific version and the max scale of parallel computing are as follows:


ó˛. Service Features

1. better computing performance

We owned more than 1000 servers special for high performance computing, the total computation capacity is 200 teraflops, where CPU150 teraflops, GPU 50 teraflops.
The main computing nodes servers are 5690 with 2 cores. Compared to those computers equipped with Intel i5 with 4 core and workstation z800 with 6 core, we got high promotion on computing capacity for single node and shorter time.

Note: the unit of time is hour, that is, "h" on behalf of the hour.


2. Safeguards in place

Customers could choose VPN or USB Key as transmission mode according to the actual demand, the user behavior control, access control, data backup, storage encryption verification of isolation technology are adopted on the cloud platform to ensure the data transmission security. Because of safety design and management, Beijing cloud service industry through the ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 27001 Information security management system certification.

3. Professional Service

We fix the specific service flow and standard to ensure that the customers can enjoy the professional service in the whole process as follows:
(1) Examine and distinguish before opening account. That should take the initiative with the applicant to contact the account, asked the relevant calculations;
(2) Service process can be timely response. To answer the problems appeared in the calculation for the user, to provide timely and thoughtful service;
(3) Customers will receive feedback at the end of service. Refers to the service end to solicit the views of users, further improve services. Therefore the "Beijing industrial cloud platform test user questionnaire" for the service document design.


óˇ. Test of accelerated ratio of software

To facilitate the users to choose appropriate solver parallel scale, we ran a variety of acceleration ratio tests according to different software and the size of the chosen typical examples. Test software and hardware environment is as follows:


1. Abaqus test case: Abaqus test selected Cylinder head bolt - up test model.


Abaqus test results: the test results as shown in the figure below:



2. Ls-dyna test case: Ls-dyna test selected CARAVAN 3 car crash test model containing a total of 794789 units, collision time 150 milliseconds.

Ls-dyna test results: the test results as shown in the figure below:



3. Fluent test case: Fluent test selected a CFD model for truck bodiesí» outflow containing about 14 million units.

Fluent test results: the test results as shown in the figure below:



4. Ansys test case: Ansys test selected V13cg - 1. Dat test model.

Ansys test results: the test results as shown in the figure below:


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