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Exhibition about cloud computing technology and application participated with “Cloud Computing Service Platform for Industry”

From April, 7th to 9th, 2013, 2013 the first exhibition about cloud computing technology and application which was instructed by MIIT and ACSI was held in China International Exhibition Center, sponsored by International Economic and Technical Cooperation Center of MIIT, with the theme “Cloud Development to cloud industry—innovation, transformation, promotion and service”.

Beijing Computing Center took part in this exhibition with the theme as “Demonstration and Application of Cloud Computing Service platform for Industry”. In 2010, Beijing Computing Center began to set up “Cloud Computing Service platform for Industry”; in 2011, “Cloud Computing Service platform for Industry” had been one of the key demonstration projects within “Beijing Auspicious Clouds Engineering Action Plan”; at present, “Cloud Computing Service platform for Industry” has been capable of computing power of 200 trillion times. Beijing Computing Center has set up strategic cooperation relations with lots of well-known enterprises overseas and domestic and supplied services successfully for over 200 enterprises and scientific research institutions.

“Cloud Computing Service platform for Industry” supplies information products and services to be purchased or rented for industrial enterprises in China, integrating unified product design of CAD,CAE,CAM,CAPP,PDM,PLM and product workflow management, with high performance computing technology applied and virtual reality and simulation application implemented to provide multi-level cloud application information products for users. At the exhibition, also, Beijing Computing Center put forward the latest development results and services featured with “Cloud Computing Service platform for Industry”, with interactive demonstration applied for visitors to experience, which was widely favored. Mr. Jiang Guiping, the deputy director of Beijing Economic and Information Commission, also visited cloud computing service platform for industry and praised it highly.

Recently, cloud computing has been stepping into practical application from concept, changing our life and work style continuously, which is widely highlighted by all sectors of the society. In this exhibition, a platform for communication of industry-university-research cooperation has been set up to promote its further development. Beijing Computing Center, as the important supplier for cloud computing, has been paying special attention to the development of small-and-medium sized industrial enterprises in China. Actually, they are confronted with many problems under the situation of deeply integrated information and industrialization, such as high cost for informationized production in research and development, low efficiency for research and development, long design cycle, etc, which will be solved with “Cloud Computing Service platform for Industry”. As the solution to narrow “digital divide” for small-and-medium sized industrial enterprises, “Cloud Computing Service platform for Industry” can offer consultation services, generic technology, support and guarantee, technical exchanges and efficient service to speed up transforming and upgrading of small-and-medium sized industrial enterprises, which is significant to change “made in Beijing” to “invented in Beijing”.

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